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TMT Services and Supplies (Pty) Ltd trading as Traffic Management Technologies (TMT) was founded in 2002 by trio namely Douglas Davey, our current CEO; Johan Du Toit and Niel Lourens. They control their shares through family trusts.

In 2007 TMT entered into a joint venture with KapschTrafficCom to explore tolling opportunities in South Africa. KapschTrafficCom is an Austrian company who are world leaders in the supply and operation of electronic tolling systems. KapschTrafficCom is a large, long established company and its shares are listed on the Vienna stock exchange. In order to tender for tolling opportunities in South Africa, TMT and KapschTrafficCom formed a company called Electronic Toll Collection (Pty) Ltd (“ETC”).

KapschTrafficCom owns 65% of the shares in ETC and TMT has 35%. This company was used to tender to SANRAL for the design, build and operations of the Gauteng Open Road Tolling (GORT) contract, in competition with several large international consortiums. ETC was successful in this tender process and was awarded the contract in late 2009.

TMT was founded in 2002 when Douglas Davey (a civil engineer specializing in traffic technology) joined with Johan du Toit (a Traffic Chief) and Neil Louwrens (a State Advocate) to start the business. All three still hold senior positions in TMT today and remain shareholders. Their shares are held through family trusts (Zoey Trust, Gelaman Trust and the DT Transfin Trust) which they control.

In 2004 these three original shareholders sold 51% of TMT shares to Matemeku, which is controlled by Moss Mashishi, a well known businessman based in Johannesburg. The sale to Matemeku was part of TMT’s drive to achieve black economic empowerment credentials and to bring new business expertise into the company.

TMT was tasked to build one third of the GORT system, a sizeable task for TMT which was at that time still quite a small company. The only way TMT could finance the build was to raise more capital. After exploring many local avenues without success, it was decided that the best way of doing this was to have KapschTrafficCom invest in TMT, which it did in April 2010. In return for this investment, KapschTrafficCom now owns 56.8% of TMT. The founding shareholders and Matemeku own the remaining 43.2%. 

KapschTrafficCom is committed to its future in South Africa and TMT is proud to be associated with a forward thinking and socially responsible company that has for two years been one of the largest overseas investors in South Africa. 

Black Economic Empowerment

TMT has a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Generic Scorecard of AAA, level 2 (a procurement recognition level of 125%) and is a value-added supplier. TMT gives high priority to promoting access to economic opportunities for previously disadvantaged population groups.

TMT’s current staff profile comprises fifty percent of middle management, eighty one percent of junior management and eighty five percent of staff who are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Proudly South African  

TMT is also a corporate member of the Proudly South African foundation, which recognises our quality South African products and services.

In pursuit to Achieve BEE credentials and to bring new business views and skills to the company; the founders sold shares in 2004 to Matemeku which is controlled by a well-known businessman based in Johannesburg, Moss Mashishi

It was through TMT's joint venture with Kapsch TrafficCom in 2007 to exlpore tolling opportunities in South Africa that the company Electronic Toll Collection (Pty) (ETC) was formed. Since Kapsch TrafficCom's investment in TMT in April 2010 during the GORT contract, it is now the majority shareholder.

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