Traffic Management Technologies


Traffic Management Technologies (TMT) is one of South Africa’s leading providers of ITS solutions for the Transit industry. The company has successfully deployed ITS solutions for rail, bus and ferry environments across the African continent.

TMT delivers integrated solutions for transit management, delivering tools for travellers to choose the smartest and most convenient way to travel and pay for their journeys. These solutions also enable transportation authorities and agencies to manage demand across the entire transportation network. Our unique knowledge with regard to the needs of public transportation, gained in more than 10 years of experience, has resulted in a fully integrated range of solutions for all key tasks of a transportation company. TMT’s solutions for planning, operating and optimizing public transportation include:

  • Electronic Ticketing

  • Real Time Passenger Information Systems

  • Scheduling, Planning and Dispatch

  • Surveillance and monitoring

  • Fleet Management

  • Passenger Information Display Technology

    As part of our portfolio TMT is able to supply EMV certified solutions that are tailored to meet the African market. TMT Fare collection products are also fully certified by the South African National Department of Transport (NDoT).


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