Traffic Management Technologies


Basic iSolution for Backoffice Processing - iView

The first product offered with the iCAM is called iView, a windows based application and interface to open, decrypt and present (visually) roadside camera generated speed enforcement files from the iCAM. The application does not require any database to operate with primary function to enable quick viewing of infringement files generated by the iCAM (and various other Camera types supported). The iView further doubles as Middleware in case of a Different backoffice Contravention Management System (other than iForce) being used for the Backoffice Operation.

Intermediate iSolution for Backoffice Processing - iVIEW+

The Intermediate Solution entails the provision of the standard iView together with a Basic capability to Capture Vehicle Registration Numbers and providing the capability for a second person to validate/ traffic official to adjudicate the Infringement. This solution further outputs all of the information into a Specific Format, which can be used to upload to the Contravention Management System used.


THURSDAY, 9 APRIL 2020, 19:55:17