This is TMT’s commitment to social upliftment

From inception, TMT has made a significant contribution to uplifting staff to reach their full potential and to support many communities in their efforts to create better conditions for the people they serve. This means a lot more than achieving a Level 1 BBBEE certificate – it means a genuine desire to play a part in South Africa’s future potential.


BBBEE score level

89 %

Percentage of black staff

59 %

Percentage of female black staff

60 %

Percentage of black executive management

60 %

Percentage of female executive management


Number of staff bursaries funded


Number of staff undergraduate degrees funded


Number of staff post-graduate degrees funded


Number of interns employed

R 6 m

Social and Economic funding

Some of TMT’s staff success stories



By Khayakazi Nqumashe

Khayakazi Nqumashe started at TMT as a junior Finance intern. The company subsequently assisted Khayakazi in studying for a B-tech in Cost and Management Accounting and then an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting. As a result, Khayakazi is now a key member of the Finance team.

Khayakazi said:

“With the support from TMT and my Finance teammates, it was a great challenge indeed to study for these qualifications, but I kept going because I focused on the end results all the time. As a result, I recently passed my final modules for my Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting. I am very grateful to be a part of TMT that encourages and supports employees to study. Finance Team at TMT: I would not have done it without you – thank you.”


By Jessica Manda

Jessica is the Manager of TMT’s Witbank branch. TMT assisted Jessica through her undergraduate (BCom Management) as well as a postgraduate degree. She is an example of an employee who makes excellent use of her time and opportunities.

Jessica said:

“Embarking on an academic journey has its challenges. There are many sacrifices that one has to make, not to mention the hardship of financial expenses that come with the journey. I was fortunate to have had the support of TMT study assistance. For me, study assistance was more than financial support; in many ways, it motivated me to do better than just passing my exams.”



To Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving Forward

Albert Einstein

Sam is TMT’s Senior HR Manager in Gauteng. In 2020, Sam graduated in HR Management through Mancosa. Sam has a busy life: work and studying. In addition, he is a husband, father and pastor.

Following a spell in operations, Sam chose a career in HR at TMT, starting at the entry-level and working his way up.

Sam said:

“HR is my destiny. However, I have not travelled on this journey alone. My Manager, HR Executive Jacqui Kumm, has been right with me every step of the way. Her encouragement has motivated and rejuvenated me. A high point for me was attending the Kapsch HR Global Workshop in Vienna and meeting and working with fellow HR professionals worldwide. I am now continuing my studies and am immensely grateful for the support and financial assistance provided by TMT”.

Helping children learn

TMT’s School Laptop Initiative Project

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela’s much-quoted words remain as true today as they have always been. Yet, in South Africa, the quality of education a child receives is all too often a function of their parent’s financial situation. Even access to a computer to access the internet, such a powerful source of information and knowledge, is not available to all children.

So, in 2021 TMT decided to donate 25 brand new laptops to the children of TMT staff who did not own computers yet were at school age. A presentation ceremony was arranged, and the smiles and pleasure on the children’s faces alone made the exercise worthwhile!

Having fun!

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