Safety & Security

TMT has a long and successful history in the Safety and Security sector. With numerous past and current successfully implemented projects, TMT’s track record includes : hardware supply and integration; software supply and integration ; installation and maintenance & support services. The organisation has a long history with top-tier OEMs in the sector and we are able to provide a variety of solutions at difference price-points and complexity.

Some of the solutions that we have provided under the Safety and Security banner include:

  • Mobile Applications for policing or enforcement with driver’s license and vehicle licence scanning and decryption capability.
  • Mobile CCTV, Surveillance and video management (e.g. Public Transport CCTV, Enforcement In-Vehicle CCTV, Body cameras etc.)
  • Fixed CCTV, Surveillance, and Video management
  • Vehicle Accident Recording and Management Solutions
  • Alarm  and Intruder Systems
  • VoIP Intercom Systems
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Solutions for fixed, mobile, and in-vehicle deployments

The solution platforms can be deployed through public cloud providers or as on-premise deployments, depending on the client requirement. TMT caters for deployment from and integration with most public cloud providers.  Cloud hosting minimises Implementation risk and roll-out timeframes are shortened.