Public Transport

Automatic Fare Collection

Our validators, antennas, board computers, gate solutions, driver consoles, ticket vending machines, inspection devices and more, offer easy integration, convenience, flexibility, and comply with multiple industry standards. They are all designed to function in an offline public transport environment with powerful data management services.

Our AFC System assists passengers and operators in their transit journey through a variety of contactless card technologies as well as 1-D and 2-D barcodes. Our solution reduces wait times and simplifies ridership reporting whilst simultaneously enhancing passenger experience at various touchpoints within their journeys.

A large part of its value is its ability to enrich, modify, and enhance traditional contactless based ticketing models to newer alternative payment means such as NFC, EMV and mobile payments.

We already have assisted several clients through Sub-Saharan Africa In their journey towards electronic ticketing. The solutions implemented have ranged from clients implementing their first closed-loop AFC on-premises to large scale implementations employing the latest Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) architectures deployed in the AWS Cloud.

The core system software has been used in several large-scale public transport projects globally. Implementation risk is therefore minimised, and roll-out timeframes shortened. In addition, we have developed its account structure hosted in the AWS cloud and fully integrated it into the South African Government account structure for the national ABT rollout. This approach ensures that TMT can serve both the global and local marketplace concerning ABT.

Our solution allows various sales channels and solutions such as:

  • Integrated or stand-alone POS solutions;
  • Mobile sales using a handheld device;
  • Internet sales by means of an action list or specific pick-up terminals;
  • Direct sales using (on-board) validators;
  • Vending machines allowing the automatic distribution of (contactless) tickets, the load and reloading of products onto contactless media, etc;
  • Fare Evasion:
    • Using mobile handheld devices, it becomes easy to perform inspection of contactless fare media or other. Inspection can be done automatic or semi-automatic;
  • Web Payment Systems
    • The solution will provide a website where anonymous and registered users can access services such as timetable, fare or route information consultation as well as checking the state of their fare media and even pay for top-ups;
    • The main goal is to provide the cardholder with general information about the public transport and basic customer service information. The functionality provided can be split up into three groups:
      • Information Services
      • Authentication Services
      • Cardholder Services