Road Safety Law Enforcement

Our mobility solutions help make road traffic safer and more reliable, efficient, and comfortable in urban areas and on highways alike

Intelligent Transport Solutions

We make Traffic Solutions Intelligent, to reach your destination quickly, comfortably, and safely. Cost effective and reliable


For toll collection in free-flowing traffic, we apply a variety of technologies and combine them into smart systems.These fully automated solutions help our customers to ensure mobility, assisting with reducing congestion and pollution.


Our HS-WIM enables road operators to systematically check vehicle weight and enforce weight limits.

Smart Parking

We provide Intelligent Solutions to make parking smart, integrated and sustainable amongst others.


Our Advanced public transportation management systems provide the ability to connect signal controllers to an intelligent network for enhanced data gathering and analysis

Automatic Fare Collection

Passengers can use any combination of the following types of Fare Media:

  • EMV compliant cards
  • smart cards such as Mifare cards
  • near-field communication devices
  • paper based tickets for single trips

Traffic Light Installations

Traffic Signal Installation is a specialised task which is undertaken by our Operation Teams. Equipment is first procured then installed on street.

Urban Traffic Control

Our long-term experience in traffic projects and in manufacturing electronic equipment makes our products the optimal solution for any need. Our Traffic Controllers are reliable, efficient, modular and safe.