TMT’s iCam Speed Enforcement Camera

The iCam speed enforcement camera is available in either a Laser or Radar model.

Going into service in 2011 for the first time, iCam has a long service history and proven track record. iCam is SANAS-1795 certified and has been used throughout South Africa in mobile (tripod mount), semi-fixed (plinth housing) and fixed (pole mount) configurations.

Product highlights include quick and easy set-up, automatic operation, a built-in license plate recognition (ANPR) engine and GSM connectivity using a secure APN.

  • After set-up, the attending traffic officer simply needs to monitor the camera using a Wi-Fi enabled tablet or cell phone.
  • The camera captures all detected infringements and stores the captured image, associated measurements, as well as a short video clip of the event on the device in a proprietary encrypted format.
  • The camera also keeps statistics of all traffic and automatically generates a separate electronic field-sheet for each session.
  • The ANPR functionality enables the device to be used as a roadblock device – to screen for vehicles on a “vehicles-of-special-interest” (VOSI) or red-list or simply as a monitoring device. The inclusion of the vehicle number plate text also makes capturing the images in the back-office that much more efficient.