TMT’s iTrac ANPR Camera

The iTrac is our versatile license-plate recognition (ANPR) camera. It is suitable for both in-vehicle or tripod mount or any other fixed-mount applications. It is based on the same technology license-plate recognition engine as the iCam speed camera and has a read-rate of over 90%. All number-plate reads are stored on the device using a secure encrypted format.

The camera supports the UTMC ANPR open protocol, which is widely supported by commercial back-office applications, so is easy to integrate into most 3rd-party back-office applications.

The camera is suitable for identifying vehicles of special interest (VOSI) using a predefined red or green list, which may be automatically updated via the GSM network over a secure APN.

It can also be configured to connect to the eNaTIS service for live or manual vehicle lookups, including SAPS marks. This makes iTrac perfect for in-vehicle, roadblock use or lane-enforcement applications. In fixed-mount mode, the camera is also suitable for average-speed enforcement.