TMT’s iTicket Device

The iTicket device is our Android mobile enforcement device which enables Traffic Officers working on the roads to capture infringements, real time, as traffic violations occur and without the need for handwriting.

The iTicket device enables Traffic Officers to input infringement data, scan vehicle license disks and scan driver licences.

Once an infringement is successfully captured, iTicket device prints an electronic infringement notice via a Bluetooth printer which is handed to the infringer. All data related to the infringement is then automatically uploaded from the iTicket device to iForce, TMT’s infringement processing system.

The benefits of using iTicket device instead of the traditional handwritten tickets are:

  • A significant reduction in the number of infringements lost because of illegibility and incomplete information.
  • The time taken for the Traffic Officer to complete the infringement is significantly reduced.
  • The iTicket device is popular with Traffic Officers as it takes away laborious handwriting – therefore they are more inclined to capture infringements.
  • No need for staff to manually capture all the handwritten Infringements on iForce.
  • Faster processing speeds as once the Infringement is uploaded, iForce can already start to process the Infringement. There is no need to wait only after the handwritten Infringement is captured into the system.